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About Us

Partnerships, Collaboration, Efficiency

Rather than try to be all all things to all people and develop an Investment Planning System from the ground up, we have elected to, rather, bring together, arguably, a collection of the finest resources and skills and package them into one Step by Step, Paint by Numbers, Risk Profiling and Investment Planning Solution.

We think that we have created a solution that will ensure that, if implemented diligently, IFA's will be able to provide clients with a real value add and go a long way towards eliminating investment advice risk.
This resource has been in the making since 2004 and through the experience gained since then, what we have today is practical and relevant and can be a powerful tool in the client investment advice process.


Once size does not fit all!

One of the main purposes of Financial Planning Software is to free you up to do what’s important, maintain your client relationships & provide you with the tools to deliver value to your clients.
Many financial planning software solutions have strengths in some areas but fall short in others and trying to decide on the compromise that best suits your needs is very difficult, if not impossible.

Relevance cont.

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Enhance Investor Functions & Features

  • CRM/Database
  • Highly customisable data fields & forms and Corporate Identity
  • Powerful query & search - Dynamic Data Lookup
  • Interactive planning tools - Retirement, Estate & Investment Planning.
  • Industry leading Retirement Planning and Volatility Simulation Tools
  • Coming Soon: Industry leading Estate Planning Tool
  • Task management and To Do Lists - Wunderlist
  • Consolidated Investment Reporting - Seed Analytics
  • Web based
  • Works on mobile devices, & all operating systems
  • Always up to date & functionality being expanded
  • Auto emailing & communication
  •  New feature: Integrated Telephony - Record and save telephone conversations. VOIP System required.
  • Online file storage, - Google Drive
  • Self-help Robo or Personal  Planning Portal for selected clients- Simple Planning Tools, Risk Tolerance, Portfolio Matching & Data editing
  • Private online meeting room with transcript recording - AnyMeeting
  • Live Chat online client support with transcript recording – Provide Support
  • World class risk profiling tools - FinaMetrica
  • Simplified investment planning & management – default Model or Custom IFA Portfolios
  • Compliant & robust processes
  • Reduce Investment advice risk
  • Acknowledged by the FSB - RDR ready

The Enhance Investor Modular Software Solution provides you with affordable basic tools and then allows you to enhance and extend the functionality by activating pre-integrated best of breed tools as you grow your practice.

We believe that, in the Enhance Investor Software Solution, we have created an RDR ready resource which, if correctly used by Advisors, will go a long way towards ensuring compliance with the evolving regulatory environment.

This is a topic that has, and is, continually being discussed in many forums and it would seem that the challenges are mounting almost by the day. RDR, TCF, Risk Profiling and Due Diligence are slowly starting to have an impact and FAIS Ombud determinations are causing alarm bells to start ringing, Many IFA’s, especially the smaller practitioners, are seriously considering exiting the industry or merging with larger operations in which case business valuation then becomes a contentious issue. Owning a practice that has regular & predictable fee income is far easier to value than one with erratic, unpredictable income streams.
Those smaller IFA’s that choose to remain in the industry are looking for solutions that can help to deal with these problems and enable them to retain their independence & build a business that has a quantifiable value.

Embracing the Digital Revolution. Download this interesting publication prepared by Envestnet to gain an understanding of how to deploy technology in your Financial Planning Practice.


The modular structure of the Enhance Investor Tool harnesses world class resources and allows IFA’s to activate the integration of these resources into their own version of the tool. We have paid attention to providing advisors with customisable solutions that enable them to communicate effectively and regularly with their clients through the powerful search and query, Live Chat and bulk emailing functions built into the CRM Tool.

A recent development has been the introduction of a Telephony function. Provided the the Advisor has a compatible VOIP Internet Telephone System, they will be able to activate this function and will then be able to record and save telehone conversations.

Advisors are able to allow clients access to their own online files, update changes to their personal information & perform their own planning through the Robo Planner

We have long recognised the value of business partnerships and the significant role that effective partnerships can play in growing a business. To be an expert in all facets of the skills required to fill the role of a trusted advisor is rare indeed. In building our Enhance Investor Solution, we recognise this principle and we have chosen to partner with experts, rather than build a system from the ground up. By partnering with us, you will, in turn, be bringing some of the finest available skills into your practice and, by so doing, you will be addressing many of the challenges currently facing the smaller Independent Advisor.

Recent FAIS Ombud determinations are sending a clear message to Financial Advisors that credible Risk Profiling processes need to become an integral part of the investment planning and advice process and IFA’s need to be able to scientifically match a client’s risk profile to an investment solution.
In determining a Risk Profile, you need to determine a client’s Risk Tolerance, Needs & Objectives & their Capacity to endure investment volatility. By integrating the world renowned FinaMetrica Risk Tolerance tool together with the interactive Retirement Planning tool developed by 4Sight, the Enhance Investor process adequately addresses these FAIS requirements and will enable IFA’s to engage confidently with their clients when providing investment and retirement planning advice.
Combine this functionality with the ability to be able to match a client’s risk profile to a matching Model Portfolio, or one of your own portfolios, and you will have gone a long way towards implementing a well-considered & researched plan for your clients. By utilising our Model Portfolios, which are built and managed to match various Risk Profiles, Advisors will be adequately addressing the Investment Portfolio Due Diligence challenge.

We recently demonstrated our Investment Planning and Risk Profiling process to the FSB who, whilst not able to formally endorse the Tool, gave it an unequivocal thumbs-up.

Amazing Team

The people behind Enhance Investor.









Our Process

The Step by Step Approach

Determine Risk Tolerance

In partnership with FinaMetrica, an Australian company and world leader in the determining of Client Risk Tolerance, we have developed our own Risk Tolerance Tool which links directly to the FinaMetrica Database. This enables us to be able to provide a tool which complies with the highest International Standards and addresses step number one in determining a client's risk profile.

Needs & Objectives

Having determined the client's Risk Tolerance, we then move on to steps 2 and 3 which include establishing Client Needs & Objectives and the Capacity of a Client and the Investment Plan to be able to endure investment under performance & volatility. For these two steps we have partnered with 4Sight Financial Tools and we use their Retirement Tool and Volatility Simulator, tools which have been in use since 2006 in the hands of a group of experienced IFA's.

Match Risk Profile to Investment Portfolio

In partnership with 2IP and SMMI, we have built suites of Enhance Model Portfolios which are available on the following LISP Platforms; Allan Gray, Glacier, Investec, Investment Solutions & Stanlib. Having determined the Client Risk Profile, the Tool then provides the IFA and his Client with appropriate matching Investment Portfolios from which a selection can then be made.






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Pricing & Contract

Pricing & Contractual Requirements

  As an introductory offer, the 1st 100 new subscribers will not be required to commit to a 12 month contract.

The basic monthly subscription is R1500 per month, plus VAT. There is an initial 12 month contractual period where after notice of 1 calendar month is required.

The subscription includes a licence for an Advisor and 2 Assistants and includes the full suite of tools. This includes the Risk Tolerance and 4Sight Retirement & Volatility Simulator Tools as well as the Portfolio Matching capability. The Tool produces comprehensive Reports which will largely satisfy your Record of Advice needs. The CRM & Database as well as the client communication functionality is also included in your basic subscription. Should you wish to add more Assistants over and above the 2 included in the monthly subscription, there will be a monthly cost of R250 per additional Assistant.

As far as third party integrations are concerned, many of the tools that we have integrated have free versions. Should you elect to subscribe for a more comprehensive version of the 3rd party tool then you will need to set up your subscription and licence with the respective providers and you will then pay them directly.

The Robo Planner tool is an optional activation and, should you wish to activate this resource, you will need to contact us to enable the activation and you will be billed an additional R500 per month plus VAT.

The Tool includes a Help Library which will provide users with 'How-To' Videos & manuals. The Tool is also customisable to be able to reflect your own Logo & Custom Data Fields

There is no initial setup charge.

At this point we are only able to deal with payments via EFT. Credit Card payments and debit orders are not yet available.

Click here to download the Subscription Applicationform.



Free Personal Financial Planning Tools

Register now and set up your own Personal Planning Portal.

This is a free, no strings attached, financial planning guidance and education resource provided by Enhance Investor.

Once you have registered you will be able to determine your Risk Tolerance then, once you have completed the Risk Tolerance questionnaire, you will be able to identify certain investment solutions that match your Risk Tolerance. You will also be able to do, amongst other things, a fairly simple Retirement and Family Income Plan.

The Tools and functionality that you will be able to access and use are meant to be used in such a way that you can broadly identify any financial planning needs. You should then consult with a suitably qualified and licensed Financial Advisor who will then be able to do a more comprehensive plan for you and provide you with the requisite professional advice.

In addition, should you feel that you would like to educate yourself further on financial planning matters, you can then subscribe to a formal online training course called Financial Planning – Exploring the Basics.

Information which you provide will remain confidential and will not be made available to anyone without your explicit permission, neither will you be contacted by anyone.

We look forward to helping you in taking your first steps towards putting some long term financial plans in place.

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